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Caring for your carpet and vinyl


Simply wash your floor with mild soapy water using either a mop or the “hands on knees” method!

Never use abrasive or ammonia based products as these will strip the surface and you will eventually start to wonder why your floor is looking so dull!

IMPORTANT: Rinse any detergent or soap off with clean water. If you don’t, you will get a soap build-up and your floor with eventually loose its lustre. It is the same thing that happens when you don’t rinse your clothes or your hair properly The same principle applies to washing floors.


We prefer to keep it simple:

1. Frequent vacuuming with a good vacuum cleaner.

2. Spillages

slurpex_prodFrom experience, we have found the best solution is to use a Slurpex Sponge (can be purchased from our Showroom for $30).

Following is our suggestion on how to use this sponge (this method has always worked for us, whether it be coffee, tea, wine spillages, pet problems, tomato paste, etc.).


slurpexSlurpex should be used on wet spills.

Never wring out Slurpex. Always squeeze to expel water. When you are finished wash and always insert back into container (after rinsing). Replace lid after use.

Dip Slurpex into the following suggested solution, squeeze slightly to remove excessive amounts of water and press repeatedly on to stain. Dip into water again and repeat process until stain lifts.

After stain has lifted, repeat entire process with clean water (important so as not to leave excess solution in carpet).

Remaining solution may be stored in bottle for future use.


1 litre tepid water
1 tsp. Softly (as used for washing woolens)
1 tsp. white vinegar

3. Dry stains

A powder cleaner is best for this, e.g. Dri-Cleena – available from most carpet outlets. Sprinkle onto stain, rub in, leave for a few minutes until colour changes to a “whitish” colour, then vacuum thoroughly.

Stubborn stains such as grease or tar may need 2 applications.

4. If you are unable to get rid of your spillage or stain using the above methods, we recommend you consult a professional carpet cleaner.