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Flooring Options

We stock a wide range of vinyls and carpets from various manufacturers.


vinylVinyls imported and come in 2, 3 and 4m widths.

They come many different styles, patterns, prices, colours and – a more recent trend – many have been treated with a slip resistant surface.

As vinyl installation is a difficult job, a qualified tradesperson is required. Call us for your free measure and quote so we can arrange this for you.



corkCork is imported and is now available in various colours. It can be installed by the home handyman but, once again, a qualified tradesperson would be preferable.


carpetWe have a wide range of carpets to suit all tastes. Most are manufactured in New Zealand from New Zealand wool but many of the high quality synthetic carpets are imported.

Carpet is generally 3.66m wide and comes in all different patterns and colours (loop-piles, hard-twist cut-piles, textures, sisals, plush-piles). They vary from 100% wool, to woolblends, to 100% nylons, 100% polypropylene and acrylic. Talk to us for more information on the different fibres available and what might be best suited to your requirements and budget.

Carpet should always be installed by a qualified carpet layer using either the more traditional method with underlay and smoothedge, or – as in many commercial situations – the direct stick method of installation (where the carpet is glued direct to the floor). Although some people believe they can lay carpet themselves, invariably a professional needs to be called in at a later stage.

Choosing the right carpet can be a frustrating and difficult task. Call in to see us at our Showroom so we can make it easier for you – we will talk to you about your needs, whether it’s a rental property or your own home, the colours, what you expect from your carpet, whether there are children or pets, and how long you expect to your carpet to last.

We will then walk you through our showroom and discuss with you options that you might like to consider, encourage you to take samples home, and arrange for a free measure and quote.